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About Me

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45 years ago
I had a dream
that I had to do
Stained Glass....

With just $50, I ordered a book and supplies and started learning. Did a couple of 7 x 21 panels to try it all out, and I was off and running! This Parrot was the first real piece I made - for my parents.

Next thing ya know, I had one custom commission after another with a nice little side income! I even got a piece into a high-end midtown-Manhattan stained glass gallery show. It was the ONLY piece in the show to sell!!! This Bird Mirror was the star of the show!

It was the only piece to sell! The gallery wanted more from me, however I'd just had my first child and she hardly slept....hard to do glass!

So I dabbled a bit through the years, packed and carted my glass around, set up studios I didn't use, got busy in my own businesses, mostly, and now, being semi-retired, finally set up and back in the saddle again! Couldn't be happier!

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